Consultation for Free and Participation in the Bidding

Expert Opinion for permit documentation according to the Ordinance №256 of May 31st, 2019 and Technical Supervision

As per requirement of the Employer the consultation in writing (responding to the questions) can be provided at design stage too, with a view to participating in the Bidding for Technical Supervision.     

Over 24 years of experience in controlling over construction – designer supervisor, technical supervisor, head of Division for Capital Construction, Deputy Director in Construction Matters. Manager of Monitoring Service enables the works to be executed individually in order the costs of the Employer to be saved, while in case of need it will be provided by position of an Expert at Accredited Organization.

Field of Service: Inspecting the cost estimate of the project facility, technical supervision over construction or checking compliance of Statement of Accomplished Works (Form #2) and conclusion.

Main Advantage: Inexpensive compared with the organization’s costs.


T: + 995 599 375 460

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